Friday, October 28, 2016

Reno@Esparis - Laminate Selection

Reno@Mt Sinai - building new walls

Reno@Clementi II - We are almost done here!

it's been about a week since we last visited. The reno is almost completed now, leaving minor touch up and cleaning works. The kitchen glass backsplash and countertop have been installed. The glass sliding panels separating the kitchen and dining areas installed as well.

above: closer look on the black countertop and black glass backsplash. The kitchen carpentry has dark trimmings to match the countertop and backsplash. It's the same laminate as the open shelf above.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Reno@Geylang Maisonette - 30% in the reno

The 1st fix of electrical works have been completed and some minor touching up, some plastering of the walls and ceiling before we start painting and air conditioning works.

 Partition works in the upper floor started as well.

Floor and wall tiles completed in the bathroom. Here we are using the concealed floor trip with tile insert. Partition works ongoing in the bathroom. Water pipes have been laid as well.
 Some progress shots of the other bathroom with white hexagonal wall tile feature.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Reno@Mt Sinai - It's all starting on site now!

Reno@815KH - Master bedroom and bathroom

Reno@815KH - Waiting for kitchen countertop to come in now.

 Tv wall console completed! There used to be a gap between the wall and dark brown cupboard, now we have sealed up the gap. You probably wonder why the false ceiling and cupboard did not flush with the wall and's not a mistake. That's because on the opposite side of the living room wall, we had to flush the false ceiling the edge of that wall. So in actual fact, the 2 walls do not align so we can only choose the shorter wall where the false ceiling will terminate. Anyway it's all about detailing on site and coordination work.

ritey, so now the outstanding works is the installation of the kitchen countertop. The chosen caesarstone is currently out of stock and we have to wait for new stock to come in.

Reno@Clementi III - Option studies

Monday, October 24, 2016

Reno@Edgedale - Walk In Wardrobe (glass sliding door panels)

 Here's the bedroom that has been dedicated just for a walk in wardrobe. It comes with a dresser, glass panels for the wardrobe sliding doors, chest of drawers by the window edge and glass cupboards to display all the bags by the end of the room.

 View of 2 rows of wardrobe area with glass sliding doors, chest of drawers at the end
 glass cupboard for display of bags on both sides of the wardrobe.

Reno@Edgedale - Master room study and bookshelf

As one of the bedroom has been dedicated to a walk in wardrobe area, the mister has to have a study area somewhere to place his printer and other electronice equipment. So we managed to squeeze in a really tiny study with cable management and shallow drawer for this purpose.

Top row with swing doors to keep the dust out since it's hard to clean open shelves at the top, middle portion for books and display, large bottom open compartment for CPU.


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