Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Reno@Edgedale - Carpentry in progress

Every home is definitely different! Recently we have 3 homes which our carpenter is rushing all his time on have totally different theme and colours. For this BTO kitchen, the carpentry is in grey laminate while the other 2, one is in dark wood and pinewood respectively.

Can't wait to see how all 3 kitchens will turn out!

Some BTO bathrooms are really tight. So when there's a tight corner, the only way is to split the opening into half. 2 glass panels open to both sides of the wet area to gain entry into the shower area. For this type of shower area, a top rail is necessary to hold the glass sliding panels in place.

 Fortunately, for the master bathroom, there's sufficient space to have a frameless glass partition.
 The missus of the house requested for a 2 door opening to her master suite.

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