Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Reno@Queensway - FINAL PHOTOS

We are at Queensway,  a centrally located resale flat on high floors that is part of the Queenstown Heritage trail. These flats were built quite some time way back (1973) and was called the 'butterfly' blocks because of its shape.
 tv-less living room. 
Super windy and beautiful unblock view of verdant green.
New walls. New vinyl flooring.
 Lovely collage of photos done by the husband

 Modern Wood Extendable dining table. 
Mix of eclectic pieces of furniture located around the living and dining areas.

 into the kitchen here we go!

 The wall of pots and pans. 

Do you remember Enid Blyton's Far Away in the Enchanted Forest where there's Mr Saucepan who carries so many pots and pans on him that before you see him, you can hear him clanking and clinking from afar!

 There's a bath and a separate WC but seriously no way to put a proper sink in either one of them. 
So we decided to put the sink out.

 Master room with a small walk in wardrobe

 Study cum guest room

And we have come to the end of the house tour!

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