Saturday, October 22, 2016

Reno@MR - FINAL PHOTOS of our 1st completed Office Project!

Hubs and I are really thrilled to be part of Mercy Relief's official opening this morning! It's our very first office project completed. The budget was really tight as they are a non-profit organisation and dedicated to providing aid in disaster areas with volunteers. When MR first came to us, their office was old and run down. The volunteers basically didn't have a nice working environment to work in, however they had lots of faith and hope that one day they will have a new office space where they can be proud of.

Woh Hup Pte Ltd sponsored the main renovation works and Vanguard Interiors chipped in with their super cool and slick system furniture. We can't ask for more and were very fortunate working with all the experts.

We hacked many walls, created lots of visual connectivity. Tried ways to bring in more daylight with minimal glazing works. Redid the entire flooring and toilets. New fresh coat of paint, new light fittings.

so. enjoy the photos to come!

CLICK here for pre reno photos on how it once looked like before the new works kicked in.

For more information and details on this organisation, or if you would like to volunteer or help out in any way....

Mercy Relief:

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