Sunday, October 02, 2016


So sorry for the lack of updates recently as I'm entering into my third trimester now and time has just passed me by so quickly that I didn't even have time to notice that i was pregnant. And before I know it, I'm looking more and more like a whale who walks like a penguin!

Just what I have been up to these days??
Well besides preparing tender for my secondary school which is targeting to go out this month, I've been busy looking after my 2 boys, colouring my Secret Garden (for a peace of mind) and I've also started sewing again. I'm getting ready for our baby girl's arrival in December and I've started making buntings once more.

You can check out James bunting over here and Jules bunting over here.

Here are some photos of my Secret Garden to share with everyone!
 above: this rainbow piece was my first page!

Above: the butterflies, i took about 2 afternoons to finish it while my boys were napping.

yup, and like most true blue Singaporeans, when i manage to find some time, I play Pokemon Go!!! And i have about 30 more pokemons to catch before I complete all of them. If you ask me where do I find the time to play Pokemon Go, well... I do it when hubs is driving me to work and after work. I probably get about 1 hour each day of play. Those are the times where I play and just not think about anything. And I had spent two sat afternoons at Vivocity Roof area to catch Magickarps with my dear cousin who insisted that I should go. And which Jules happily participated in as well. And there was the Sept holidays where we spent about 2 nights at Resort World Sentosa, bringing our boys to Sea World and Universal Studios, that's when I caught all the magnimites, voltorbs and many many more. There were so many Pokestops at RWS.

Plus my cousin tells me that I'm really lucky, i can just drive to NTUC and whilst parking, a Snorlax appeared! and I caught it although the CP is like 33!!! And my 10km egg hatched into a Lapras!
Then there was a time when i visited Bukit Merah Library, at the carpark was Hitmonchan. Hubs caught Hitmonlee while waiting for me to buy bubble tea at our usual dinner area at Arc Shopping centre. And my first weekend after installing Pokemon Go, while clueless about what is a rare pokemon, I had to visit my gynae and i walked pass ION, i caught a Porygon. I didn't know it until my cousin told me it was a rare one.

above: Jules at Vivocity Roof

anyway, i will still continue blogging about our reno updates but just not as frequently as before. So do try to drop by when you can peeps!

Have a great weekend all!


ps: we just finished taking pictures of one of our recently completed home, so stay tuned.

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