Saturday, October 22, 2016

Home@Stirling - Artificial Terrarium - Velle's lazy plant

I remembered one of my client bought a terrarium and call it the "lazy man's plant" because you only need to spray water once a month. hah!
Guess what. This artificial terrarium is Velle's lazy plant!!! It totally needs no watering and caring at all. Don't even need to put it in a shady or with moderate daylight area. You can even store it in the wardrobe or cupboard when you get tired of it.

I was at Daiso Vivocity on Friday for dinner and I happened to chance upon these cute plastic animals which the shop was selling. Sharing is here are where I bought all my stuff to do an artificial terrarium.

bag full of pebbles - daiso
artifical cactus - daiso
animals - daiso
glass jar - ikea

my son Jules loves it to bits and insisted that this to be put next to his bed. crazy. I'm just going to place it above my cupboard....

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