Monday, December 31, 2018

Reno@432B - Last look before the timber deck comes in

it's New Year's Eve!
Last look at our common corridor and tomorrow it's a new beginning!

the timber deck guys are coming in later to install the flooring, should be done in a day's time.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Reno@432B - Hollywood lights and dresser

i know. Looks nothing like a dresser now but I have big plans for it!
At least the hollywood lights are up! The lights and mirror are both form IKEA.

Wall lamps are $39.90/row. I bought 2 rows to place it on both ends of the mirror. 
Light bulb sold separately.

Reno@432B - Black shower fittings! And all black fittings in the bathroom.

 The plumber came this morning to install all the bathroom fittings and I'm totally in loved with it!!!

Reno@432B - Spider lights in the day!

 above: spider lights and main entrance door. Really love our new door!!!

Reno@432B - Master Bathroom in progress

 above: my shimmery mosaic shell shower wall with a mini barn door.
above: for those who has followed me for the longest time would find this flower pendant light very familiar! Because it's from my previous home dining area! I love it so much and have gotten many compliments on it that I just had to bring it to our new place.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Reno@432B - Kitchen countertop

This afternoon all the countertops were installed including the kitchen backsplash.

Reno@432B - Main Entrance Door finally installed!!

my main door is finally installed. We kept the original main door but there was lots of work done to it. Flanked on both sides of the main door, the door frame was kept and stained black. The wood panels on left and right of main door was removed and replaced with glass panels.

The main door itself was removed and sent back to the factory to remove the trimmings and was sawn shorter to fit the new terrazzo flooring which was thicker than the previous floor finish. Finally after sanding down and trimmings all removed, it was laminated and delivered to site for installation.

But it's not finished yet cos the "v" groove lines are not in yet!
Once that is completed, then we will get the lock guy to come in to install the lock.

Was really hoping to we could shift in before the New Year, but it's quite clear that it's mission impossible.

Reno@432B - Spider Pendant lights

Visited our place in the night to check out the lights!
Along the corridor, the spider pendant lights is another one of my online purchases which I'm pretty happy about it. The cable is about 1.5m long, and you can have the option to have it longer by paying extra. Bulbs not included. Just the holder, cable and mounting hooks cost about $39.

Retro looking LED Bulbs are from IKEA. $14.90 each.
Click here for more info.
 above: how it looks like when we all looked up at the ceiling.

Reno@432B - Black Bathroom Towel Rails & Toilet Paper Holder

I managed to find some black bathroom accessories on EZBuy!

Ever since the day my clients have been telling me how cheap stuff on Taobao are, I was really tempted to buy many of my home items from there. However I tried and wasn't really successful because my mandarin wasn't really good, so sourcing was a problem. Some items were pretty bulky and shipping was not very cheap and I couldn't work out a way to have it ship by another source...

Then I chanced on EZbuy!! I tried buying a few small items to see whether I was successful in getting my items delivered and was a good gauge to find out how long things were going to be delivered to me.

My overall experience on EZBuy was quite good! It's pretty affordable and very easy to purchase online. The delivery took about 2-4 weeks upon payment. Everything was in english, finding items was much simpler and they even have a trial Prime membership for 5 days which you can take this chance to buy many bulky items and ship all at one go for $2.99!

Back to my black bathroom accessories, the bad thing about online purchases, is you can't really tell material clearly. For example, the towel rail I bought was matte finish and the toilet paper holder was actually in shiny finish! I wasn't very particular about it since it looked black to me, however my hubs commented that they looked so different.

roll eyeball.

Reno@432B - Installation of glass panels

One might think that the glass panels are supplied by the window supplier, but actually it's usually from 2 different suppliers.
The window contractor usually is a registered contractor as he needs to fix up new windows that acts as a safety barrier ie the windows prevents people from falling over.

The glass supplier doesn't necessary have to be registered contractor. It really depends on the glass he fixes whether does it require structural support or not. Sometimes, the glass is decorative like the one in my study cum office. However if the glass is for a railing that prevents people from falling over, then a Professional Engineer aka as  PE is required to calculate the structural loading of the railing and do a formal submission.

anyway, I'm digressing as I don't have any railings in my flat. LOL

 black metal frame doors with glass panel infills.
 above: glass partition in the master bathroom
above: glass partition in the common bathroom

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Reno@432B - It's Christmas!

Brought the kids to our new place because the reno works will continue after the Christmas New Year period and because there's some outstanding carpentry work and touch up, we are here to stick newspapers and plastic bags onto our kitchen pendant lights.

Yup. better to prevent dust collection then have to clean later.


 Gate to a new home. Can you feel the holiday cheer already?
 above:entrance hallway with a store room on the left. 
Love the ceiling mounted light fitting!

 stone looking floor tile

 living room all decked in Christmas decorations

 above: Jade is showing me a cute bear on the christmas tree.

 above: 6 seater dining area. Very spacious.

 above: all white kitchen with wood countertop and glass backsplash finish.

The kitchen finished in blum soft closing system, corner basket and soft closing system for dishrack.
The powerpoint, heater switch and light switches are all mounted on a silver pelmet under the top cabinet for a clean and sleek look.

 a full row of LED lights at the top cabinet with powerpoints and light switch at the far end.

 above: common bathroom

 above: lovely stone looking medium grey wall tiles.

 master bedroom with adjoining walk in wardrobe, study and master bath.

 above: walk in wardrobe
 master bath vanity. Countertop in marble looking quartz.

 and we have come to the end of the house tour...
...Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

click here to see how it was before the reno.
Our homeowners were sharing with us that it was a great transformation from what it used to look like...and we totally agree. Many thanks to the homeowners who share the same vision for their home reno with us and to make all of these happened!


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