Saturday, December 31, 2011

Maisonette Serangoon - #22 looking at the toilet shelvings

Maisonette Serangoon - #21 More Kitchen photos

Maisonette Serangoon - #20 Kitchen

and it's done after 4 hours of work!

Maisonette Serangoon - #19 Countertop

Yes it's New Year's EVE and we are working over here!!
Today the countertop is coming in for the upper storey toilet vanity areas and the massive L shape kitchen and breakfast area. took 4 men just to put the kitchen cum breakfast counter top in cos it was such a huge piece and it was blardee heavy!
We have chosen Samsung White star for the countertop.

Maisonette Serangoon - #18 Making an Entrance

Remember the earlier post whether to keep the grille gate or not?
Well...we had half and half!

hahahah...we kept the main frame and cut the curly whirlys in the middle portion and welded straight bands across! and VOILA..looks like a new one and a fraction of the cost for a new one!

click here for post on how it looked before

Maisonette Serangoon - #17 Toilet

Using Grohe for all the toilet's looking at the Master toilet. Installed a shower and rain shower.

Zoom in at the multi function or water spray shower head. quite a pretty pattern huh!

1st storey Toilet isn't sharing the same water heater as upstairs so the owners have bought a simple electric heater.

And our WCs from Johnson Suisse are in already.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Maisonette Serangoon - #16 More lights going up!

Here's more updates on our lights

All 3 toilets' lights have been installed and here's a photo of the master toilet.

Master: Cove lights installed together with false ceiling lights and it's done with an IC remote control where the owners can control the lighting on and off from their beds!
Convenient right?

Here's a look at the kitchen lights...we are using really simple round ones here.

We have chosen 2 simple white pendant lights for the breakfast counter too.

Living: Cove lights all in too!

Maisonette Serangoon - #15 Staircase area

The staircase has been sand down and given a new coat of lacquer. Took the worker whole day till 8pm to finish this staircase and I must say it was very well done.
All reno works stopped just to have this lacquer done cos we didn't want any dust to fall onto the lacquer.

Here's looking at another lamp which we have installed at the first landing of the staircase.
We have chosen a simple one that flushes light up and downward to give a soft effect on the walls.
Plus in future when the owners were to hang their photo frames, it will give a rather nice glow to the area.

Here's a mini track of 3 spot-lights at the 2nd landing of the staircase. Cute small and yet powerful!

click here for previous post on how this staircase looked!

Maisonette Serangoon - #14 Dining area

here's a look at the Dining lamp which we had gotten for the new owners!
Simple and chic! Plus you can always change the lamp shade to other colours when you feel like it.

here's looking at the dining lamp from another angle.

and another without the lights being turned on.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Once Christmas is over, it's time for Lunar New Year

Maisonette Serangoon - #13 Lights!

the lights are being delivered to site

here's another worker putting the final touches to the bench-cum-shoe cabinet - pumping in the sealant to stick the top to the wall.

another one is working on the laminates to the kitchen counter

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Maisonette Serangoon - #12 Updates

Counting down to New Year and this flat has got to finish on time!!!
btw Merry Christmas to everyone here!!!!

Entrance area, the main door has been sand down to receive a new coat of paint.
Guest room door installed as well. This is going to the their sister's room in future.

Wardrobe: still waiting for the sliding doors to be installed today.

nope, no updates on the living room. Actually it's done. hahaha...the new owners just have to buy their sofa set, coffee table and tv console, shift their tv in and install new blinds!
Oh! I almost forgot, the lights are coming in on Monday (boxing day)....

Entrance area/ Dining area: shoe cabinet in!
Now waiting for dining lamp and dining table to come in.

Here's the feature box up wall for the tv area...hmm, we haven't decided to tile, paint or wallpaper it yet!!!! and there's so little time left!!!

Kitchen Breakfast area: laminates all in now, waiting for doors to come in.

1st storey toilet: Glass door installed, waiting to install sanitary fixtures now...

Kitchen: Leaving doors and laminates which they will do on monday too!

little door under the stairs installed! Though still needs a fresh coat of paint.

here's looking into the kitchen, love the light grey floor tiles the owners chose!

blurred photo of 2 glass sliding doors which leads to the yard.we have some track problem here which we need to solve pronto! *URGH*

Kitchen breakfast counter: Need plastering here!!!! to cover all the existing tiles.

more kitchen photos...sink installed already, Tuesday gotta call the solid top contractor in to install now. I hope the laminate doors will finished by Monday...and we still have to coordinate the backsplash.

Monday (26/12) gotta go down again to talk to the electrician and move all the lighting in cos we bought some more lights on Friday.

*fingers cross*
so many things so little time


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