Thursday, March 29, 2018

152TP - Hacking!

Recently we started application for hacking works for a resale flat and for many of the walls, we got the approval but we didn't manage to get the toilet wall hack! HDB's reply that the flat had a pre-fab toilet and so we basically can't hack the wall and floor tiles off...OMG.

If you can see the photos of the bathroom wall and floor tiles, you would surely agree with me that this has to go right???

*roll eye balls*

Reno@125T Maisonette - Carpentry starts!!

As with many maisonettes that we have encountered, this is one where we met with a few delays as HDB took quite awhile to approve our drawings. But finally the carpentry is going up and it's moving full steam ahead...with our clients shifted in to stay!

It has definitely taken up alot of our homeowners' patience and understanding, and which is why we are rushing our contractor, carpenter and even electrician to come down almost everyday just to install items bit by bit instead of the usual one-time visit and install everything.

Besides the HDB approval delay, we also met with a shortage of aircon units...and our homeowners' had to sleep in their master room without aircon. And until today, the earliest batch of aircon that we are able to get is by mid April.

fingers crossed for smooth sailing ahead!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Reno@345W - Renders

Reno@240JE - Pre Reno Photos

Photos of a new project which we are embarking on! The whole family has been staying in this flat for some time now despite them having another flat which is new and renovated! Guess everyone in the family is too used to the current conditions and amenities that this area has to offer.

Anyway, kudos to our couple who managed to convinced their family to shift to the new place so that reno can start over here! As this place certainly needs a makeover.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Reno@125T Maisonette - Before the carpentry comes in!

 Today they are sanding the parquet.

 Ceiling fans and track lights installed. There are some outstanding lights to be fixed up at later stage.
 black shine downwards wall light

 Entrance with pattern tiles
 Salmon kitchen


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