Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Reno@Kim Keat - Final Photos of Dining and Living

The specially design main gate - extra bars at the bottom to prevent the kitties from wandering out when they are not suppose to.
The Shoe cabinet is lifted off the floor to house the irobot that does all the cleaning of the kitty fur around the entire flat. Heard from the owner that it is doing a wonderful job!!!

hah! it's time for me to show piece my DIY concrete candle light holders!
If you are interested, you can view my DIY tutorial here.

Here are the living room photos.
cozy, warm and homely!


Reno@Kim Keat - Final Photos (Master bedroom edition)

 Hello there!

I reckon quite a few of my faithful readers are just eagerly waiting for the final photos of our reno at Kim Keat. And here are some peektures of the beautiful master bedroom to share with everyone. As the room was in an odd little shape, not a perfect square or rectangle, we had to find a wall to anchor the bed and fabricated an integrated headboard and storage bed to go with it. The headboard has a long linear horizontal shelf to put books, alarm clock and powerpoints to charge mobiles before sleeping. And by the side, we have catered 2 bedside lamps which the owner has gotten the stylish artemide wall lamps to add more character to the bedhead.

 here's a full frontal view of the bedhead and the symmetry of the 2 beautiful artemide lamps.

 Side view to show the storage bed drawers under the mattress. Perfect for linen! So no space is wastage. The owner has chosen the loveliest wood grain that is very soothing and the colour makes it very comfortable to the eye. Perfect for a resting area. 

Considering that we spent 8 hours out of our 24 hours sleeping, or one third of our lives sleeping, the bed area is definitely a very important part of the design for every single home.

The master room is just basking in natural daylight! Looks wonderfully bright in the day. This is how it really looks when we visited the room in the morning.

 Pretty barn doors. Guess what is behind them?

 One leads to a standing vanity dresser

And the other barn door leads to the master bath.
stay tuned for the kitchen photos!!!

click here for the pre-reno photos.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Reno@Ancilla BTO - Cove lights and A/C up

hello there!
so sorry for the lack of updates on our Ancilla project last week cos hubs was so busy talking to the electrician that he forgot to snap some pictures! Anyway so this week the photos are double!!! So enjoy the quick progress tour.

Above: the new wall at the kitchen has been plastered and it's all ready for a new coat of white paint!
 The entire living room's cove lighs are completed already
 The air con was installed over the week too. All the A/C trunking are boxed up too.
New kitchen entrance, plastered up, ready for the door installation. But this will be at later stage cos the carpentry got to go in first! The bigger the opening, the easier it is for our carpentry carcass to go in. We wouldn't want to spoil our new lovely kitchen door with all the workmen going in and out!
New kitchen wall - fully tiled with the same original HDB wall tiles. You can't even tell that it's totally new!!
 Bedroom 3 - cove light holders are up. You might be wondering what is that loose piece of wire dangling from the ceiling. It's for the ceiling fan.
 Here's another view of the bedroom 3 with the new aircon unit above the door.
 common bath - new ceiling!!! No more ugly plastic grid things above my head!!!
 Bedroom 2 - Cove light holders completed
 Another view of Bedroom 2 - Aircon is up too!
Master bathroom - ceiling up! Small Aircon trunking which we can't hide. Can see? It's on the left of the small window!
 Master room - cove light and aircon up!
Goodness!! we are nearing to the end already!!!This week, the painting is going to start and then the carpentry is going to start off site and within the next 2-3 weeks, we will see the carpentry! So fast! Exciting times now.

Hope your weekend went well and stay tuned for more posts to come!!!


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Reno@Holland Ave - The electrical works are 80% completed.

 New DB in!
 All the loose wirings have been pulled.
Air con was installed over the week. The thing about A/C is they have awful big trunking as the pipes are insulated and making them thicker. Plus there's the condensate pipes too.
Look at the size of the trunking compared to the electrical ones! The electrial ones are skinny!!! As we are not going to have any customised wardrobe in this room, we can't use the wardrobe to hide the trunking. Guess the only way is to box up.
Master room - Good thing! we are going to have a study table here to "hide" the A/C trunking at the window area.

so much for the weekend!

coming week, the cove lights will be up and painting works will start too!

Reno@B Maisonette - Railings up and we are starting the electrical works

The entrance floor tiles are done, but I think I need to talk to the contractor on some minor details over here. uh hem..
The electrician was there when we went there in the morning. The electrical works was about 30% completed. Most of the loose wires for the lower floor has been pulled and he was working upstairs when we got there.

 The railings were up over the week. So the tiles are progressively being laid.

 Close up on the upper floor where the threads are being laid with wood tiles.


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