Friday, November 30, 2012

Stirling HDB Terrace - #347 IKEA LIVE Magazine

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 Hi there!

Just wanted to share with all my readers that our little place was featured in IKEA LIVE magazine. We are exceptionally happy that IKEA was doing a feature on our place since we are such big fans of their stuff!!! I love their kitchen tea towels, quilt covers and especially their seasonal designs during Christmas and the Lunar New Year!

This year's xmas decor from IKEA went onto the shelves really early again and I was there to make sure that i had my stuff all bought. Unlike previous years when I keep missing out on the stuff which i wanted to buy and realise that IKEA do not restock their xmas products!!!




Sunday, November 18, 2012

My first pair of Ferragamo

Yes! I finally FINALLY own a pair of Ferragamo shoes after all the years of waiting!!  HAHA!

thanks to hubs!!

it's not an early xmas present but a present to reward me for being top of my cohort for the Professional Exams! 


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