Saturday, June 29, 2013

Reno@Hougang Maisonette - Walls all gone on the lower storey and more updates

The permit for hacking all the walls came the next day after the permit was approved for the floors and so within 2 days, all the floors were hacked and all the walls on the lower storey were hacked as well.
All the tiles have arrived on site too.
We will be meeting the contractor soon to confirm the setting out of the tiles, layout, pointing etc.
Panoramic view of kitchen
Panoramic view of dining
View of living room+balcony

View of living room+balcony

view of master
bedroom 2

bedroom 3

common bath

cornices removed

Future Powder room
skirting removed

DIY Felt Flower Dog Collar

i made the flowers and hubs made the dog collar this morning.
we are giving it away as a present to a friend.

hope it fits cos we haven't the faintest clue how thick a dog's neck is!
we did the collar measuring adjustable length of 40cm-48cm and 1 inch thick.
Collar is made of black leather
Flower is made of felt

Friday, June 28, 2013

DIY Felt Flower Tutorial - Dahlia Felt Flower

There are loads of felt flower design tutorials out there and I happen to chanced on one that totally inspired me to do the exact same flower for my mum!
So here goes.
 step 1: you will need glue, scissors, pinking shears, felt and cardboard.
step 2: 
cut a 3inch diameter circle of felt and a 2inch dimeter circle of cardboard.
next cut 1 long piece of 1.5inch thick, 1.25inch thick and 1inch thick separately
Then you will need to wrap your cardboard with your 3inch circle felt.
step 3:
cut them into squares. So now you have 1.5inch , 1.25inch and 1inch squares.
You will need approx 15 1.5inch squares, 13 1.25inch squares and 9 1inch squares.
Cut each square into a petal shape as shown in the photo.
step 4
put glue on both ends of the base of the petal and fold it into half.
Let it dry.
Do this for all your petals.
 Step 5
Array your 1.5inch petals first on the cardboard felt. 
Stick about 1cm of the tip of the petal on the cardboard.
Once you have finished gluing the first layer of petals, repeat the steps for 1.25inch and 1inch petals.
step 6:
you should have a flower like this now
step 7:
use your pinking shears to cut a thin strip as shown above and roll it tightly into something like a cinnamon bun.
step 8:
Stick the piece of felt into the centre of the flower.
 step 9:
your DIY Dahlia Felt Flower should look like this!

and here are some photos of my son playing with the felt flower.


Hougang Maisonette - Designing as the reno goes along

Rem the accent wall tiles which i mentioned earlier in my previous post?
Iron Lady Chef's idea was to have them at the bathroom area.
So we did a rendering for her to see. I think the overall look is quite refreshing!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Reno@Hougang Maisonette - Accent wall tiles

yes? no?

Reno@Hougang Maisonette - Tiles selection

Iron lady chef was very decisive with her choice of tiles this afternoon.
Obviously she knows what she wants and what goes with what, no doubt about that.

I personally think the overall palette of her choice of tiles is very pleasant.
The tiles chosen are simple, the right texture/colour and even to the point of being understated - which i think it's a good thing because it will then bring out her furniture, kitchen, feature lamps and the soft furnishes. 

Just the other day she was showing me a bunch of photos of all her buys from mouse towel handles, squirrel door stopper, woodpecker door knocker etc etc. Many were animals related!!! 
I immediately thought of Noah's Ark.

here are some of the closer look photos of the tiles selection

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Reno@Hougang Maisonette - Hacking works in progress

View from common corridor
kitchen area
kitchen cabinets removed
staircase floor tiles removed
Living and Balcony
Dining area

Yesterday all the floor tiles and cabinetry on the lower storey were all removed. Today the hacking works continues upstairs for the master, bedroom 2, bedroom 3 and 2 bathrooms.

Reno@Hougang Maisonette - How the debris is being removed

Hacking works started yesterday after the floor hacking permit was approved. So this was the debris which was collected from yesterday's hacking.
 The dump truck is here to collect the pile of debris. A worker is on standby mode.
The worker then cautions the driver to reverse and he hooks a big hook from the truck to the container full of debris.
 The truck then pulls the container up.
 and lifts it onto its back like a haversack!
and it is all ready to go!

and we have gotten our permit for hacking the walls downstairs today!!!


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