Sunday, November 30, 2014

Reno@Kim Tian - Chosen laminates!

and here are the lucky 3 laminates which our doctors have chosen!

Reno@Kim Tian - Pre Selected Laminates

weekend is here again and coming to an end.

Here's a sneak peek at the preselected laminates for our Kim Keat home. All from EDL and they have a wide variety of wood grains. From those with many "eyes" to those running vertically in small grains to some with loud grains in a different colour gradient like the top right laminate.

Reno@Yishun Riverwalk - wet works near completion!

Pattern tile for the entrance foyer! We didn't manage to find it at our regular tile shop but our contractor knows where to get them. heehee! we just had to show him a reference photo and he will get it for us. And because he has been working with us for so long, we didn't have to tell him and he will buy the black border tiles together.
 Brick wall completed!
Same as our maisonette in Hougang, all the electrical powerpoints will be flushed neatly along this brickwall and not protruding out. For this brickwall, the couple is going rustic, so it will be left looking like this, no white painting over it. Last step to this brickwall will be the grouting and it is complete.
It's really fortunate that the existing HDB window frames are already in black colour! So it goes really well with this black and white theme which the couple has.
 screed bedding to receive the pattern tile.
 subway tile in the kitchen.
closer look on the subway tile. The grout is in black.
 Walls along the windows are screeded too. To be painted later. Doing this cause the couple really wants to hide all the HDB beige tiles away.

service yard - pipes are painted black and the windows are installed already.
taduh! windows in black frame.
this week, the pattern tiles are going to be completed and the HERF flooring too. Actually the HERF flooring was suppose to be installed early week and carpentry was targeted to come in on Thursday. Unfortunately, the colour chosen for the HERF flooring was out of stock and have to wait till 16 Dec to come in. That will delay the whole reno works by 16 days!!! That's more than 2 weeks and we will definitely not make it before new year....
So the couple chose another colour which is very nice too!!!
stay tuned for more photos on the flooring.

Reno@Greenleaf BTO - electrical works

this week, the electrician came down to lay all the cables first so that it can be hidden under the floor tiles.
So once after the conduit has been laid, the sand and all the tiles have been delivered to site. And tiling works can commence.
 Hanging conduits. These are going to be embedded in the walls.

Reno@CCK Maisonette - Primer for painting works

Looking much brighter and better now. The whole maisonette is going to be finished in just white paint. No accent walls, no colours. Just plain white. Simple and white.

I was just telling the owner that once the film on the windows are removed, the whole room will look much brighter!

Reno@CCK2 Maisonette - Hacking on lower floor completed

Olive walls in the living room, and there used to be a "fireplace" too! Can you see the silhouette of it below? The floor tiles and all the built in carpentry has been hacked and demolished.
 All the cornices have been removed too.
 Overlooking into the kitchen area
 Going to seal up this area for another bedroom downstairs.
 Look at the massive ceiling fan.

The whole kitchen wall and floor tiles have been stripped bare in just 3 days. All the carpentry has been torn down. The common bathroom downstairs too have been stripped down. All the basin, toilet bowl have been removed. All the electrical wirings are torn down too.
There's hubs looking at the existing roof. Yup we are removing this roof too.
Sigh. There's so much love and hate about roofs in maisonettes. I don't even know where to begin with. Well, it used to be an entertainment area for the previous owners, which is why they have an aircon unit too, to cool the area down.
Another view of the "entertainment room" before the roof comes down and it will become the new laundry area for the new family who is going to move in here. We are targeting to complete the reno by the Lunar New Year. It's going to be quite hard but we will strive our very best.

 Carpet on the staircase has been taken out too.

 Master bath upstairs.

 Common bath upstairs. Looks quite dark.
 bedrooms with the old air con units.

Here's the bedroom where we are going for a full wall hack. Not half wall. FULL WALL.
this one is going to take some time before we get an approval from HDB.
see! my contractor so funny! He drew a hammerhead here but puts the words "wait HDB Appr". hahah.. so that his workers will know that this wall has to be hacked but not until he says so.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

BPS Downloads and Giveaways - 2015 Monthly Calendar

Hi peeps!

My mum always make me do her a monthly based calendar EVERY YEAR so this year I've decided to upload mine for everyone to use.
So if you are interested, you can click on the link below to download my monthly calendar.

hope they will come in useful and handy for the NEW year ahead.

be quick cos it only last for 30 days!!!

Reno@CCK2 Maisonette - Renderings

 Breakfast counter - finished in wood grain and it turns down to the floor.
Painting on the wall by owner.
 The Dining room - painting by owner
The kitchen is finished in a wood grain countertop with soothing grey woody laminate and glass backsplash. Maximising on floor area, the kitchen has top and bottom cabinets to house their china, crockery, pots & pans and electrical appliances.
Not our usual colour palette but the family has an existing red sofa, so we are rendering it in here! It does bring a twist in the colour palette. And because of the red sofa, for this home, the wood grains we have pre-selected a mahogany tone to compliment it. The tv wall is given a stony grey colour to pale beside the wood grain and not to fight attention for it. Playing with textures and not colours. For the eyes can only draw attention to one thing at a time. If not the whole composition will look very busy.


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