Friday, December 30, 2011

Maisonette Serangoon - #15 Staircase area

The staircase has been sand down and given a new coat of lacquer. Took the worker whole day till 8pm to finish this staircase and I must say it was very well done.
All reno works stopped just to have this lacquer done cos we didn't want any dust to fall onto the lacquer.

Here's looking at another lamp which we have installed at the first landing of the staircase.
We have chosen a simple one that flushes light up and downward to give a soft effect on the walls.
Plus in future when the owners were to hang their photo frames, it will give a rather nice glow to the area.

Here's a mini track of 3 spot-lights at the 2nd landing of the staircase. Cute small and yet powerful!

click here for previous post on how this staircase looked!

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