Friday, October 16, 2015

Reno@53LB - concrete counter in the kitchen

Usually for kitchens, we only do the kitchen base in concrete. However for our reno@53LB, we are having the entire counter base and top (all around) in concrete finished with tiles on the sides!

think some owners are afraid that the kitchen sink might sink or perhaps they are after a retro look whereby back then, all the kitchen counters were finished in tiles and you can chop directly on the tile surface without a chopping board.

well. what do you think?
we definitely have many opinions from different home owners. Some think that solid surface is good enough for them. Some definitely want granite because they are hardy and cool, some thinks that granite will have water marks easily so it's maintenance for them (which is true, granite does have water marks), some really love the look of marble. Then we have home owners who wants quartz or silestone and caesarstone. And finally there are those looking at wood alternatives too! countertops that look like wood, easy to maintain and will not mold.

And remember that although stones comes in huge pieces but if you stay in a flat, the huge piece of stone may not get into the lift and you might have to cut the stone into smaller pieces. That will have a seam line at the cut area.

For solid surfaces, they will sand and polish the pieces together and you won't be able to see any seam line at all.  But there are home owners who are very concern that white solid surface top will change colour and staining - like putting Gardenia bread red blue wrapper on top and the ink seeps into the countertop which is almost impossible to remove.

i think ultimately it's how you will use your kitchen, the look that you are after and of course working around your budget.

here's the order with the most affordable on top
  1. solid surface
  2. granite
  3. marble
  4. wood top
  5. quartz
  6. caesarstone
  7. silestone

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