Sunday, October 11, 2015

Reno@SNA4 - Kitchen...drawers after drawers!

 2 deep drawers for all the bottom kitchen cabinets
and voila! a small cutlery drawer within the big deep drawer.
We didn't do the full length of the cutlery drawer because there's a gas valve that is protruding out.

 open dishrack.
We usually recommend having the dish rack open if you cook very often because frequent opening and closing of the swing door to the dishrack will spoil in no time under heavy usage.
Plus if you leave it open, means more ventilation which makes the dishes dry faster!

 white countertop installed for the kitchen!

there's a pull out tray for the countertop microwave oven, another special request from the home owner because they are afraid that the microwave's heat might get trapped within the space and want to "air" the microwave.

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