Monday, October 05, 2015

Reno@Punggol II - Painting and cleaning up

It's another Monday!
Last week i was commenting on the exposed aircon trunking remember? Well well! Don't you think the place is starting to look pretty and white again? heehee! yup, we have boxed up all the aircon pipes, gave the whole new flat a fresh coat of paint, installed all the lights, well most of them and it's starting to pull a new level of AWESOME look!

 Above: entrance ceiling light by owner. bought online. 
I think it looks damn good with the feature wall!
Above: 3 pendant lights by owner. bought online too.
Our owners did some serious online shopping!!!
Above: Another purchase online. 
It's a little white bird on top of the glass lampshade. 
Very pretty and intricate. Totally love this one and it's going to be the future baby girl's new room!!! - i thought perhaps if this room was painted in all light grey, it will look super cool as a nursery!

anyway, i'm super big on all things grey, white and black. :)

carpentry is gonna come in next week!!

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