Monday, December 22, 2014

Day 03 - Nantou to Kaohsiung

Today's itinerary wasn't as well planned as what I would have liked it to be. The only bad thing about this trip was that the itinerary was traveled backwards from the brochure and even though all the items listed in the itinerary were covered but the sequence of things are jumbled up. So we only know what we were going to cover only on that day itself in the morning when our tour guide introduce the full day itinerary.

 some of the buildings which the taiwan government has left intact, untouched after the earthquake.
 collapsed temple
 leaning telephone tower
First stop of the day is the Ten Drum Cultural Center. We spent 3 hours here but I wish we could have done it in 2 hours or less.

Lunch was here. I think the food was so-so and the only good was that we didn't have to share. The chicken was not to my liking but I understand from the tour guide that this is not a government aided cultural centre and its profit is merely from tourists, so I guess I shan't complain about the cooking. The artists here double up as tour guides besides doing up art installations. I think it's very difficult for art centers like these to continue without government aiding, so from what I see, they are doing quite a good job!

 Pat 3 times on the drum for your wishes to come true

And there was a quick demo on how to read and beat the cultural drums. Quite fun! But we spent quite some time waiting for our turn while another group was in the room. The other waiting game was the cultural show.

Evening was a visit to Jing Yuan Mini Zoo

I had a quick snap with the cuddly piglets. The children were very excited to feed and pet the animals while hubs and I went to the outdoor cafe to watch planes take off from Kaohsiung airport with a plate of fries and a bottle of chilled Heineken.

We reached Pier 2 Art Center really late in the evening that it was poorly lit and difficult to take photos. So if only we had spent lesser time at the 10 drums, the visit the the mini zoo would have been earlier and which also means we could have seen the Pier 2 Art center in daylight. anyway i was so hungry and upset that I didn't get off the coach while hubs went down to look see look see.

Finally it's time to visit Liu He Night Market!
My stomach is growling already.  This market is well known for grilled seafood. So we are going to have our share of seafood fare tonight.

And there is the famous papaya milkshake. You must get it from this stall just outside Cosmeds where there are many photos of famous people. It's really good.

 And if you want to eat Dan Zhai Mian - this is the stall to go too. Very gu zhao wei. Original taste.
 so many people at the night market.

Finally we settled on this store where we ordered a variety of seafood!!! - lobster, clams, scallops, shells and one big oyster.

and because today is winter solstice, we ordered a bowl of glutinous rice balls to eat before hopping back onto our coach. The soup was really good, had red beans and peanuts. The filling in my tang yuan was black sesame. My favourite.

and our usual back-to-hotel activity is browsing local supermarkets and 7-11s.

there was a COSMEDS under our hotel commercial podium and I bought more beauty care! hee hee!

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