Saturday, December 20, 2014

Day 01 - Singapore to Taichung

hi there peeps!!
it's hubs and i again and we are going on our 1st holiday for the year 2014!!! Finally!! I have been waiting for this day EVER!!!

The day started really early like 7am even though we only had to reach the airport at 10am. First we had to ferry baby james and helper over to Yishun in the morning, put all their stuff there and have them settled. Next we dropped Jules down over at my parents with his one week of school stuff and clothes, moved the child seat over to my dad's car too...then we got home to wash up, final pack and took a cab down to Changi Airport and we reached there quite punctually at 10am.
As we can see, we had a terrible rushed morning and so after we have settled the 2 rascals, we can have a nice quiet breakfast together at the airport.
k.. this is my favourite routine when I have nothing to do. Take photos. And i love taking our feet. So that's us waiting at the waiting lounge, waiting for boarding time.
 hubs. tired and not very smiley.
Yes! Yes! Yes! and we are on the plane already! it's a chartered Silkair flight out to Taichung from Singapore. So no tv monitors on board but you can download an app and watch Silkair streaming movies on board. That's quite nice too yah? So we are watching Walter Mitty here. They have instructions on board on how to download the app for iphones and androids. Just remember to bring your earphones.
 And we are reaching Taiwan's Taichung (台中) already!!!! We are going to land any time soon!!!!
first stop is Feng Jia Night Market before we call it a day and check into the hotel.
 WEE!! that's our tour guide in the centre with his flag and look at all the people!!!
 hubs crossing the road.
In Taiwan, you can cross "X" diagonally you know!!! Not perpendicular like a square. Of course if you want to cross straight also can.
 That's our tour guide telling us how to walk around Feng Jia Market (逢甲夜市) and what is "hot" there.
Yi Xin Stinky Tofu (一心素食) - really long queue, so we skipped
Da Jia Yam Rice Ball (大甲芋頭城) - beside the Yi Xin Stinky tofu. Also very long queue. And they have a seating area for their customers.

people's heads. lots of them. and lots of squeezing!!! it's a weekend!!! and there are some local parents who brought their strollers here too, omigaud, how to squeeze with them!!!
our first snack - salted pepper octopus ($100NT)
OMG. it's damn good. piping hot.savoury and yums.
chomp chomp chomp. 
They have many many flavours to choose from, like seaweed, garlic, spicy, tomyum, original etc.

 and i bought boneless chicken feet! ($100NT) Just had to try. Not bad. Hubs said they have a charcoal grilled taste. The lady selling it was pretty too!
see! they have 3 different flavours. 
Spicy. Mild spicy and Garlic.

 Hubs really wanted to eat clams. ($80NT for a bowl)

 and so we had clams or rather hubs had clams. he ate up everything while i was at a beauty shop, buying facial masks.

Then we had grilled mushrooms. ($50NT for mixed mushrooms in original flavour)
This one was really good too. long queue.

after eating so much junk food, we really needed a drink and there was a snaking queue outside Ah Yue Milk tea (阿月红茶), so we tried their "famous" bubble milk tea and Fresh Lemon Tea. Think I prefer Gong Cha back home. Not sure what's the hype with this franchise but it's not really very nice to me, cos the tea flavour is not strong at all and the bubbles not Q.

And not to be outdone as we are running out of time as we were only given 2 hours here, we packed back chicken thigh rolls ($40NT each)  and "You Who Come From the Stars" Korean Fried Chicken ($100NT) to the hotel!!!

 my 5 min stint at one of the local beauty shops. Freebies: 1 free mask and 1 OPAL hair conditioner
 Shoes which we bought for Jules and James.
I couldn't find any cheaper ones and these were quite nice so I bought them for $350NT each.
And after we checked back into the hotel, hubs and I went wandering around and found a 7-11. Bought more food!! look how they packed the bowl!! So cute right!!!
 that's how it looks like after it's being flattened.

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