Saturday, December 27, 2014

Day 08 - Taipei to Singapore

breakfast was good!! so much variety and have roti prata too!! haha! Last breakfast in taiwan already so we spent a good time here and ate to our hearts content before we went to the roof top to see the swimming pool.

 took the high speed rail to Taoyuan airport.

 reached the station and saw this cute sign that wrote " KISS and RIDE" hah!!!

at the airport, waiting to check in now. we didn't bought much and only had one small carton of snacks home. Our luggage was pretty empty. Boarded SQ and waited a good one hour before it flew off and boy was I hungry. instead of having lunch, i ended eating on the plane at 5pm!! it was dinner already...and i was near fainting from hunger....
yup. that's all folks for our 8 days 寰岛台湾游.

HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance!!!

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