Sunday, December 14, 2014

Reno@Yishun Riverwalk - study room, bedrooms and bathrooms

Some photos of the study room - the sliding glass door with black metal frame is installed. And the study table with storage is completed as well. The pendant light (red) is also fixed in. And a mini tv console by the side of the wall too!
 opps! i forgot there's the vento fan too!

 yeap. can get pretty dusty when it's carpentry works. fine dust.
Not good for babies actually. So mums having reno, you can come along, but don't bring your babies. Not good for their air ducts as they are not strong enough to withstand these sort of "dust & grim".

 Green pendant light in one of the bedrooms!
 And a turquoise one in another bedroom.
 Vanity with mirror is up too for the common bath
 Master vanity - long mirror and loads of storage under the sink!
 master room wardrobe
 accessory drawer with mirror

2 tier accessory drawers!

Aeon light at the master room entrance. Pretty!


  1. Hi Velle, is the study room sliding door made of alumninum or iron?

    1. Hi Gloria, study room sliding door is mild steel finish.

    2. Hi Velle, the sliding door looks gorgeous. Looks like what I've been looking for, those I've seen are all with quite thick frames. Yours look very elegant. Can you share where to get these doors?



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