Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Day 04 - Kaohsiung to Taitung

Quick breakfast. the usual routine. wake up call at 730am. coach leaves at 830am or sometimes 9am. Today is the day which i hated most because we spent nearly the entire day on the coach and I didn't even know it until the day ended.

we covered one tourist spot today and it wasn't on the brochure itinerary. Tour guide says it's extra for us since we have time. Well i guess they had better stop somewhere for us to take photos if not it's really 18 hours on the coach!!!

 Fu Guang Shan

 Lunch - all the dishes were fish.

photo taking on the coach. On the way to our hotel already. see. nothing much done today. road travel. Sigh.
Although tonight we are staying over at a hot spring resort hotel but the previous one was really much better, cleaner and more modern as compared to this one, so I didn't take any photos for memories.
 Buffet dinner. YAY. eat to my hearts content. and i can take my time to eat too.
 custard apple ice cream!!!
Like the tour guide said. it's going to be a boring night tonight. besides taking funny pictures, we played an old school game and call it nights. And they have so few channels here that I want to cry.

The only good thing was that they have an event plaza. Every night if it doesn't rain, there will be a candy floss and popcorn station for the visitors to try their hands at making and eating. But this good thing only lasts from 820 to 9pm every day.

thank god we bought some snacks at the petrol station before we reached the hotel.

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