Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Reno@T2 Maisonette - Updates!

 ceiling fans installed

it's been quite awhile since we last visited our home reno at T2 Maisonette. Well that's because the approval from HDB took really long...and finally after so many months with countless calls to our dear HDB officer from both contractor and homeowner, we have gotten approval to build a new roof over the purchased recess area!!!

I'm so happy for them and definitely our dear contractor is the happiest...hahah..his work has stopped so long! Finally he can start work and try to finish everything at the front end of the home but time waits for no men....and our homeowners target to shift in by this weekend!!!
 all the bedrooms are ready for the home owners to shift in
 common bathroom - ready too!
 all the eubiq tracks are installed too - white tracks and black tracks!
eubiq black track

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