Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Reno@Everton - Kitchen Works

quick look at the herringbone subway tiles backsplash. Added LED tasklight under the top cabinets to make food preparation easy and bright. Look how we conceal all the electrical conduits! You only get to see the light switches and PowerPoints. Neat and clean.
Above: there's an overall photo of the kitchen counter with the tasklight on! LED is currently the trend now due to its longer lifespan and energy efficiency.

Above: opposite kitchen counter is different look where we did away the top cabinets and did only a singular shelf. As there's no cooking here, we didn't do the tile backsplash but only plaster and paint finish. And we managed to conceal all the electrical neatly and out of sight.
Above: many drawers for easy access to the deepest end of storage areas. Many feedback that swing doors are more difficult to take items out. You have to take the items out at the front before u can retrieve the items at the back. Hence nowadays people are more willing to pay more for drawers even though swing doors are you don't have to bend that much for the drawers on top.

Above: full height pantry storage but we forgot to take photos of the interior! It's actually fully Blum equipped. Probably next time if we get the chance.

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