Saturday, September 12, 2015

Reno@Fernvale - Renderings


Clean lines and contemporary styling blend with rustic elements throughout the home
It's all about textures, prints and materials. Right at the entrance, we are greeted with encaustic tile floors, lourve door cabinets, a mirror display area where swarovski crystals calls home, a retro looking block wall and a café style breakfast nook.

With so much to see at the entrance, an open kitchen fades behind the walls where simplicity is at its best.  Banking more on practicality and functionality, the kitchen is equipped with top and bottom cabinets on one side of the wall and full height storage on the opposite.

With more space in a 5 room HDB BTO flat, the young family is able to squeeze in a glass study room for the daddy who can work and watch telly at the same time. The glass enclosure borrows light into the corridor spaces and into the kitchen interiors. Whilst allowing daylight to stream freely, the contemporary glass study also enables the parent to be close by without compromising on space.

To carry the materiality composition across the home, pattern tiles are introduced to the floor and textured cool neutral wall and floor tiles to the shower areas. The bottom cabinet of the vanity is finished in a wood looking laminate to bring warmth and calm tones to the bathrooms.

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