Saturday, September 12, 2015

Reno@Sunshine Court - Kitchen Carpentry details

For our reno at Sunshine court, the kitchen is kept white and simple with clean horizontal lines.  One look across, you only see horizontal lines across the entire kitchen, but it's not all drawers...we have swing doors too.

Usually for kitchen sinks, we don't recommend drawers under the sink because of the sink's bottle trap which will cause any drawers to be more shallow and you will actually loose storage space. Not only that, if you need to maintain the bottle trap, you will need to know how to dislodge the drawers out for the plumber to gain access to do maintenance.
 Looks like drawers but actually it's a swing door!
 With the swing door open, you can see how deep the sink and the bottle trap and water outlet.
 on the stove counter, there's a swing door at the far end which also looks like a drawer!
Last but not least, a full height cupboard with open shelves and pull out drawers for more kitchen items.

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