Thursday, June 26, 2014

Reno@Kim Keat - Metal works, Glazing works and Aircon!

After stalling for awhile, our reno at Kim Keat is moving along again! sometimes too many laminates to choose over isn't a good thing and getting different samples from different laminate companies makes the wait even longer. And after getting the samples, we had to find a time to pass the laminates to our couple and another week goes by before we get any final decision making.

Anyway the good news is that we are here to finalise the carpentry with the carpenter!!! And we have gotten all our laminates chosen and solved our little junction detail with the carpentry and contractor this afternoon.

(1) the 'metal' guys are here to install the pretty front gate!
specially designed and requested from our couple. The lower half of the gate has smaller gaps to prevent their cats from escaping!!! hah!

(2) the 'glazing' guys are here to install the windows for the yard area; and

(3) the aircon muscle guys are here to install the aircon units and compressor

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