Friday, June 06, 2014

Reno@Bt Timah - Hacking works

 The House of Beams
This is my second visit to our reno at Bukit Timah and I must say I'm falling in love with their staircase! We like to think of this special apartment as the House of Beams because it's actually quite challenging designing the entire ceiling space with little or no false ceiling; to achieve maximum ceiling height where possible.

It becomes even more challenging with the many different depths of beams running across the entire apartment, and the need to locate suitable areas to place the ceiling fan and lights.

 view of the future kitchen.
 criss cross beams

quirky corner.  The beige looking thing under the beam is a secondary beam. Not a box up. So we can't remove that either.
 view of the future tv console area.
Actually it's being blocked by a huge gigantic mass of Aircon pipes. Looks like medusa's head!!!!
i'm particular interested to see how this area is going to be transformed!

 master bath. war zone.
 ugly looking horizontal black pipe that disappears into the pink column in the photo below.

 common bath upstairs

service yard area

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