Thursday, June 19, 2014

DIY Wood Plaque

Saw this wood plaque at a local store and wanted to buy it for one of our newly renovated homes but was stopped by hubs because he thinks we can do it ourselves despite our busy schedule. And it took us about 1 month to finish this!! even though it's merely a few steps. hah! I'm glad we finished this little pet project of ours.

Things you need
1) a computer to type the words out and printer to print
2) art card or soft cardboard
3) ruler, penknife, cutting mat
4) Spray mount
5) masking tape
6) newspapers
7) a can of black and white spray 
8) a plank of wood

item (1) took me 10mins to do and print
item (8) took me a few trips up and down to source for the right size and price

I had hubs to cut the wood to the right size one sunday. Took him about 10mins, but setting up his jig saw and extension wire cord, getting his pencil, ruler took him another 10-15 mins to set up.

Spraying the wood black took me 1 sunday afternoon (approx 5 mins). I sprayed the wood black on one side, dry and flipped to spray the other side.

Cutting of the text took me half an hour one night after the boys were asleep. Phew!

I spent another night after the boys were asleep, spray mount and masking taped the sides of the art card to the wood. Once it's tightly taped, I sprayed the text with white spray.

my finished work.

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