Sunday, June 01, 2014

Reno@Buangkok - Wardrobe and Study Room

One of the room which was adjacent to the master was converted to a wardrobe and study room.
So here's the final look of it...really pretty huh!
The couple opted for a woody grain study top and open shelves for the study area. The rest of the cupboards were kept white. The wardrobe is finished with exposed wood grain border all around and the door panels were kept the simple white. To keep the whole apartment in a consistent look, there was only 2 wood laminates which was chosen, the rest were finished in all white.


 The study table cum dresser. Mirror not installed in yet.
Here's another view of the study cum dresser
zoom in on the vanity dresser with accessory drawer
*heart* the accessory drawer!
So I'm taking loads of pretty pictures here to show everyone!!!

heehee! and my DIY concrete candle tealight holder.

 shoe cabinet with LED lights below to shine on shoes when the couple get home at night.

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