Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Reno@S Maisonette - Kitchen updates

black haiku fan for the living
The daylight is streaming in freely. looks so spacious...i feel having a cuppa iced tea here!

 Jules is here to prance around... he enjoys coming to reno sites with us. 
Just this morning, we have finished 4 reno sites together. He's quite a patient kid and I'm really grateful that he doesn't fuss to much when we visit our reno sites. Love him to bits!

Thank you jules!
Jules looking at the white ceiling fan

Jules is wearing his fire breathing dinosaur tee today, so cute the graphics...opps. I forgot that i'm suppose to blog about the reno here... but i guess you can see pretty much from the photo what has been done yah? hee hee

Flooring completed.
Door frames and railings are stained in a dark colour.

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  1. Hi I really like the color of the vinyl floor in the photo of Jules! Could u share with me the brand n name of that vinyl floor tile? Tks much!



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