Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Reno@TY Maisonette - Carpentry updates

This week, the carpentry has taken shape. Lots have been done and it's almost near completion. The countertop guy was here over the weekend to measure the kitchen for fabrication. So we are hoping it will come in this friday or saturday as it's almost end May and we need to handover the flat to the rightful owners.
 Glass door to kitchen installed together with door handle, nice and long
 The kitchen tallboy, waiting to install the electrical appliances later

 Ceiling fans all installed for the living and bedrooms
 storage cupboard in the balcony area. In progress.
 upstairs, the bathtub is ready! leaving the plumbing works.
 Wardrobe for upstairs, these should finish within the week.
And it's big enough to hide a 3 year old toddler. Jules is having runny nose and fever for the past 4 days, so hubs is looking after him while bringing him to our reno sites. Poor kiddo. But even if we left him at home to rest, he wouldn't sit still or sleep.
 customised study table plank! it's long and suppose to sit 2 pax.
 bathroom updates! Lights installed. sink left temporarily there as the countertop has to come in first.
 cove lights and ceiling fan

 guest room downstairs in it's original marble flooring
living area with cove lights and ceiling fan

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