Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Reno@Trivelis - Updates on carpentry

it's a new monday and a new week begins at our reno@trivelis!
The wall panels for the living room is up and looking really pretty. It's quite a lot of work to be done and it's finished in paint. So we really have to be extra careful when touching it.

 see! the shoe cabinet is done with the same door panel detail as the wall.

 wood deck in the balcony done too!

Minor carpentry works in the master area - extra storage for the missus. Middle portion we have left it as an open shelf because if we have done a swing door, it will hit against the existing towel rail which is mounted on the wall
 customised storage bed with pull out drawers at the bottom.
 here's how it looks with the cove lights turned on
The living room looks so cozy with the warm lights turned on, bet it will look really nice in the evening! And the ceiling looks so lofty with the lights now! Quite glad the couple took the risk and went ahead with the full wall panels, it's quite a refreshing change I must say. hubs totally loved it.

Here's a smart request from the missus. As there's a kink between the 2 walls, we used that space to do some shelvings for display as well as to place her beauty regime bottles and creams. Below are some storage areas for really small items. Maximise all possible areas!!!

and we added small LED lights to brighten the shelves in case she has display items.

different lights create different ambient feeling and provides luminance for different tasks.
take for instance, the ceiling or pendant light in the living provides a general lighting. Your bedside lamps can be used for light reading. The bedhead lights can be used for ambient lighting or for watching telly without having to turn on the ceiling lights.

All these different lighting contributes to a more cosy and relaxing environment for before sleep or just chilling on your bed.
Breakfast counter - drink coffee and talk to each other through the window. hah! 
I wonder who will be the one doing the dishes in the kitchen while the other one is outside watching...

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