Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Reno@TY Maisonette - First coat of paint too!

Reno at our TY Maisonette is so similar to our S Maisonette! Both renos are running concurrently at the same speed and at similar stages. Over here, this week, primer has been painted over the entire flat. The light holders and partition works have completed. All air con trunking is completed too.

 Our contractor is here too! checking out the progress. And we are here to go through the carpentry works with the carpenter.
 Upstairs bathroom - fully tiled. Water works all done. False ceiling completed. 
Now waiting for carpentry to come in together with the glazing works, sink and WC installation.

Common bath upstairs - are you wondering what we are building here? It's the base for a small bath tub! Yeap. This will take up some time before we can install the bath tub in. But other works will we still need to finish the flooring for the bedrooms. Installation is target for middle of May. Goodness! I really don't know whether can we finish everything by end May!!!

Looks quite far away....


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