Monday, May 11, 2015

Reno@TY Maisonette - Painting

Latest updates!
Painting works are completed, going to install the T5 lights soon together with the other light fittings. The bathtub upstairs is coming along nicely too. Flooring for the upper floors are scheduled to come in end of this week. Once the flooring is in, the carpentry can start to come in, which will take another 2 weeks plus as maisonettes have the most carpentry, which means takes us to end of May already! And there are other works like glazing, installation of the fan coil units, WC etc....

Last but not least we need at least 1 week for the countertop guys to come in for measurement and a few days to fabricate off-site and install. And only after the countertop is done, then we can do the installation of kitchen sinks and taps, same goes for the bathrooms.

running out of time.

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