Friday, May 15, 2015

Reno@Segar - Carpentry started!

This has got to be one of the busiest months we had. Sorry for the lack of updates on our Segar BTO but things have been moving really fast and furious and it's almost near completion already. We are targeting to handover end May which I'm quite optimistic about. The electrical works, wet works, painting and partition works have all been completed over the last few weeks. Leaving the carpentry and plumbing works which is done usually at the tail end after the countertop has been installed, so the plumber only needs to come once to fix the kitchen sink and tap together with the bathroom shower mixer, sink, tap and WCs.

Yup. And my helper is coming in tomorrow!!!! YAY!!!!
so I hope things at home will be a lot easier for the both of us. We are just beat to death after we picked up the kids, feed them, shower them, pack their bags and stuff and wait for them to KO on their beds!!!

optimistic velle

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