Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jamu at Tradtional & Holistic Postnatal Center

I've signed up for my Jamu at the Traditional & Holistic Postnatal Center and my masseuse is Madam Haiza.
She's really friendly and made my massage quite enjoyable!
Not only did she use the hot stone to massage the back and tummy, it was also used for my blocked ducts in my breasts. After the massage, my breasts were much softer and not as hard as before.

So mummys out there, if you need a Jamu masseuse, you can go to them!

Each package includes:
-Specially designed binder (Bengkung)
-Massage oil
-Applications of herbs on the forehead
-Tapel (Jamu wrap for the tummy)
-Ginger wrap
-Herbal cream wrap and application of slimming cream
-Complementary Telon Oil for baby
-Teaching mother the baby massage sequence

Each session lasts approximately one hour and ten minutes. (That's 1 full hour of massage and 10 minutes to apply herbs and put on the stomach binder).

click for link and more information.

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  1. Aaraike is best Pre & Post Natal Care center for mother & Newborn Baby which provides therapies & bathing services in Traditional manner.



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