Sunday, April 22, 2018

Reno@St George Lane - Home Photoshoot

it seems like purchasing light fixtures, furniture via tabao is still in rage with the young couples. Especially when due to busy schedules, making time for friends and families, purchasing home items would be alot easier if it's after office hours or even in the late night.

gone are the days when one needs to rush down to a particular shop to purchase items when everything, almost anything can be bought online. I can't decide whether it's YAY or NAY because some items I really have to feel and see the real thing before I make a purchase, especially those that are expensive or comes in a particular size. And just by basing reviews, does it gives one more security? I have heard that reviews can be fake as well!!

Although there are many online shops that allows exchange or money back guarantee, but somehow it makes it a whole lot easier if the items bought comes just the way we wanted it to be.

the internet of things.
love it or hate it.

it's here to stay.

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