Saturday, January 23, 2016

Reno@LAS Maisonette - FINAL PHOTOS

 welcome to a short show around at our recently completed LAS Maisonette.

 wire mesh shoe cupboard with full height mirror door

 main entrance door painted white with black door frame

 inside...R2D2 awaits you!

dining table and chair from previous home

 i super love these bar stools...lovelies!

 backsplash painted with magnetic paint and it works like magic!
Now we can stick fridge magnets on plastered walls.

The dry kitchen houses the wine fridge, 2 door side by side fridge, coffee machine, dishwasher, soda stream and water dispenser. You name it, they probably have it.

 In the wet kitchen is where you find the stand alone 5 burner stove cum oven, chimney hood, sink and washer. 
A utility room for the helper and a small bathroom for the helper too.

 flower arrangement by the lady of the house!

The living has a red brick feature wall anchoring a 60" flat screen tv, super luxe chesterfield sofa and medicine chest of drawers to hold precious photos and memories.
 Super cute storm trooper cushion. something which the couple bought in Adelaide.

 here's the library!
 i think this photo is so cute! like to the max!!!

 even the bathroom has star wars memorabilia items

 open shelf under the mirror box to house all the beauty products for quick and easy reach.

 walk in wardrobe in the master

 study room with half height window that faces the staircase 

Right. we have come to the end. I hope everyone enjoyed the lovely house tour cos I certainly have. It's like walking through a star wars mini home museum. There so much to see at every nook and corner and it's so refreshing and full of character.

many thanks to the couple (R&A) who welcomed us to shoot their lovely place.

have a great weekend!


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