Saturday, February 27, 2016

Reno@B Maisonette - Staircase Storage

Here's another storage which we want to introduce to maisonette home owners!

instead of having deep drawers that extend to the whole of the underside staircase, we have half and half! Basically there are quite a few reasons why we do this:

  1.  tracks usually do not go that deep and even if they do, if you have uneven floor surfaces where tendency is very high for old flats, you will not be able to roll out your drawers easily.
  2. due to its deep span, you will stock up many items because you will want to use up all the available storage space, which will increase its weight and in time to come, the tracks will spoil. Plus many items in one drawer makes it hard to pull out as it's so heavy!
  3. drawers are hard to keep long or bulky items like vacuum cleaners, broom and pan. 
so, the simple solution is to have a store right at the back and have not so deep drawers in the front for small items. That way you can store many items of different sizes and weight.

Hope everyone enjoy this little sharing!


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