Friday, April 15, 2016

Reno@Heron Bay - Carpentry in Progress!

above: feature tv wall and suspended tv console 

hello hello!
it's been ages since we last updated our reno at Heron Bay. Well that's because the last 2 visits which we attempted to take a looksie, the workers have left already! haha...but the contractor has been very fast with his works and the carpentry is near finishing. The ceiling fans and lights have all been installed.
 thin ledge along the walls for photo frames running continuously from the console

 half height glass in the study room

 brand new wardrobe in the master

headboard with open shelf

 storage cupboard in the study room

 suspended bench and shoe cabinet with feature lights

 simple wall hung tv console in parents' room finished in walnut colour
i think it's super sleek and very "AIR"

We hacked the full wall down in the parents room too, to bring in more daylight into the internal spaces and replaced with black framed fixed glass. Good thing that the parents are quite trendy and acceptable to black colour!

 another view from parents room looking into the kitchen.
If we didn't hack that wall and replaced with glass, the kitchen would have been quite dark.

 back to the living - study area facing the tv console

 study table with cable management and back painted glass backsplash to write things on

yups. we are almost done here!


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