Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Reno@Heron Bay - FINAL PHOTOS

This is a dual key executive condominium unit which shares a large entrance foyer that leads to a studio apartment and a 3 bedder apartment. The home owners came to us looking for some help in designing minimal works to their new apartment as it's a fully furnished condominium unit.

What we did was to provide more storage for the studio apartment like adding a simple tv console and we hacked the wall between one of the rooms to bring in more daylight into the enclosed kitchenette.

For the 3 bedder apartment, there was a new feature tv wall cum console, new glazing to the study to bring in visual connectivity, customised headboard and wardrobe in the master. Full rewiring done for the ceiling lights and fans plus painting works.

The whole reno completed in about 1 and half months which was pretty fast!

so here are some photos to share with everyone!

and we have come to the end of the house tour!
keep checking out our blog as we have 2 more house tours to go this/next month.

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