Monday, January 23, 2017

Reno@CCK3 Maisonette - Kitchen Backsplash with Pattern Tile

Wall tiles is another alternative choice for the kitchen backsplash other than glass or stainless steel. Most home owners are concerned about using glass is because sometimes if your wok is too big and if you are not careful enough, you might hit the glass with your big wok. Other problems are burnt marks on glass backsplash can occur too if you do very heavy cooking and with big flames.

Stainless steel on the downside is that it leaves deep scratches if not taken care properly and it's by far the most expensive kitchen backsplash compared to affordable wall tiles and glass.

Wall tiles besides being affordable, comes in various sizes, prints and patterns which can make your kitchen look totally different from others. The only problem that home owners are afraid is over time with heavy cooking, all the heat from the cooking will cause the wall tiles to pop. Well, i suppose over time, most things will start to degenerate like our bodies do...

so with every item that you choose regardless of the material, with care it will last longer.

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