Saturday, May 20, 2017


Hi all!

It has been such an overwhelming month of May for me. Want to apologize to all my readers out there for neglecting my blog for almost a month! Truly juggling work and being a mother of 3 is quite tough....hahaha... i was so busy that I didn't know my eldest son's birthday falls on Vesak day (had some logistics nightmare with the school to prepare his birthday in advance), I totally forgotten to read my 2 sons's progress report (the school called and chased me) and I didn't had time to celebrate Mother's day either.

So what have I been up to?

I've actually started working on a new sports centre in Singapore where I'm not suppose to say where since it's confidential but it has taken up so much of my energy! Besides designing, there are so many sub-consultants to work with, and to arrange their timings with our client. Just attending to every meeting for all different consultants plus user group engagement, senior management meeting, steering committee meeting and major presentations is taking almost all my time at work. I just told my secretary that since I took over this sports centre, I haven't really sat on my office chair for long!

I'm truly grateful that I have my hubs!!! hubs is handling butterpaperstudio single-handedly, ferrying the boys to school everyday plus sending me to and from work and getting lunch for our helper who is looking after our baby. At nights, he even helped to take over 1 feed so that I can sleep a little longer. :)

Thank you hubs!

and now for all the throwback renovations which i have yet to post for the month of may.
thanks for all your patience my readers.... and I hope you have not forgotten us.

have a great saturday!

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