Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Reno@608BP - Hacking works completed

You know HDB is quite strict with regard to hacking and demolition works right? So basically contractor has only 3 working days where he is allowed to do "noisy" works so that he doesn't affect the residents for a prolonged duration. So here at 608BP, the demolition works have fully completed!

all kitchen carpentry has been torn down, wall and floor tiles hacked, all sanitary ware has been removed. all electrical works stripped down from ceilings and walls...even walls that need to be hacked are all down too! Now, what's remains are debris which needs to be cleared out.

This afternoon, we are here to go through the tiling works, where the new walls are going to be, where the new doors are going to be located etc.

above: bomb shelter ventilation sleeve. Do they still do it in square now? Or it's just all circular ones?

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