Monday, January 29, 2018

Reno@B3 Maisonette - FINAL PHOTOS

Here's our 3rd completed maisonette in Bishan. Well located in a mature estate, with abundance of amenities, nearby well-known schools and prices of housing are always on the high side.

This maisonette was designed for a family of four plus a helper with grandparents staying over on the weekdays. The utility cum guest room was kept with a half height wall overlooking to the dining area. We had planned for shoe storage all along the corridor wall as well as the half height wall of the utility room. All furniture and blinds are sourced by home owners themselves.

 shoe closet behind the dining area

The staircase threads are original, kept from the previous owner. We had them stained black and they looked good as new.

 view into the utility room.  It's quite sizeable!
 pretty decals done up by the homeowners too for the glass sliding door into the kitchen.
 The kitchen is done up with a light beige upper cabinets with white bottom cabinets.

Full laundry service here. Washer, dryer, laundry bag, laundry basket and full height cabinet to store all the utility and laundry items. Spacious corners at the sides of the washer hides an ironing table and step ladder. We even added a half height cabinet to hide the rubbish chute.

 For the grandparents' room, we did up a small study corner and tv console facing the bed.
Wallpaper chosen by the home owners.

 By the side of the wardrobe, a customised dresser with hidden mirror for the grandmother. Deep drawers for her to put all her makeup and toiletries.

 For the grandparent's sleep area, we added 2 wall hung side drawers.
The grandparents had the liberty in choosing their room's wallpaper for the bedhead.
 common bathroom upstairs. Full length mirror cabinet stretching from wall across to shower area with top and bottom feature lights. For the vanity, black countertop on woody cabinets.

above: Master bathroom finished in marble look-alike tiles, white bottom vanity and complete with mirror box with top and bottom feature lights.

hope everyone enjoyed the house tour!

and stay tuned for more to come....



  1. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Hi I noticed the railing of the staircase was changed. Was there a need to get PE endorsement and/or BCA endorsement?
    Thanks in advance.

    Fr: Yanti

    1. Hi Yanti, all safety barrier needs to be submitted to BCA with PE endorsement.

  2. Would love to live in that luxury house.
    luton meet and greet



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