Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Home@Stirling - Shifting our dining table to make room for another room!

future planning space
 Yes we are in another home makeover again.
Just like what hubs' friends who visit us once or twice a year, they always say that our home is forever changing! We are in the midst of a transition period. Once our baby arrives, the confinement nanny will have to shift to our helper's room which means our helper has no where to sleep unless we put a bunk bed in the room. However we both decided to give our helper another room on her own so that she can have enough rest in the night without the baby disturbing her and also to let her have her own privacy.

So the dining table has to go! Anyway it's not that we are throwing away our dining table, just making some minor adjustments in our little 3 room flat. So we have cleared our dining table and dining chairs.
James in the "moving" mood, shifting his little chairs around the house while hubs and my helper are shifting the dining table and chairs.

stay tune for more of our home improvement works!

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