Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Home@Stirling - Spare Room framing system is up!

hubs went down to IKEA to get some wood strips to start the framing works of our spare room. It got it done within the afternoon after thinking about it for a few days and sketching up the framing system. I can tell that he is quite excited over his little project.
 Here's how it looks from our dining area, looking to the spare room.
 subframe supports at the ceiling area

As the wood stripes from IKEA were not long enough, hubs had to join some strips to make the whole framing system to the soffit of the ceiling.
 Jules is happily jumping in and out of the make-shift room now. 
He's just as excited about this new room as his father.
tomorrow the panels will be up! 
stay tuned.

can't wait to see how our little spare room will turn out.


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