Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Reno@Clementi II - FINAL PHOTOS

This is a 3 room HDB flat which belongs to a musician who does gigs and concerts for celebrities. The living is originally where HDB has planned for where it's a concealed living area without any windows. To bring more daylight in, one of the rooms that faces the living has a fixed glass window that opens out to the living.
above: cozy living area where home owner plans to add more furniture in phase 2.
Sofa, tv and tv console are all pre-loved items from friends.
Floor standing lamp from Castlery

 Above: Dining set from Star Living where you can mix and match your chairs. 
stripey rug from fortytwo.sg - an online store where home owner love cos it's affordable and comes with free delivery!

 above: bar pantry for the occasional drink with friends and sleepovers
Nespresso machine is a gift too!! 
How lucky our home owner.

above: simple kitchen in woody laminate with black tile backsplash
complete with oven and dishwasher

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