Thursday, December 22, 2016

Reno@Edgedale BTO - Sneak Peeks!

Wanted to start on our Edgedale BTO sneak peeks on Sunday night when the boys are asleep and guess what? I started to have my contractions!!! So yes, baby Jade has arrived on Monday morning. Safe and sound. I was discharged from the hospital yesterday after baby Jade has finished all her jabs and checked that her jaundice is kept within good levels before the doctor allowed both of us out of the hospital.

so now that baby jade is having her forty winks....i'm taking this rare opportunity to quickly sum up some really pretty photos of this 5 room BTO flat at Edgedale Plains.


ps: i will try to post the FINAL photos before xmas if possible...i haven't gotten the chance to show everyone the beautiful dresser, walk in wardrobe, master baywindow storage!

 shoe cupboard with open shelf at the bottom for daily shoes and bedroom slippers
The couple love LINE you can see from the 2 huge plushies that sits on their sofa.
I saw this pokemon mat and casually asked whether do the home owners play pokemon go and they said no!!! They bought this mat because their parents love pokemon go!!!
Just at the living room is a pokestop! The home owners don't even need to leave home to play pokemon go. So their parents love stopping by here to spin the wheels, get some pokeballs and catch pokemons too. It's true. I opened my pokemon go and immediately i see the pokestop and 6 pokemons appeared on my screen!!!
The dining area has been converted to a kitchen island. Both island and kitchen countertop are finished in silestone.
The bespoke bar counter chairs and dining table chairs are from Second Charm. Colours chosen by the missus to add pops of colour to the kitchen and dining areas. Chairs were handmade in Indonesia before they were shipped over here, heard from the home owners that it's really value for money plus ratten chairs are generally cooler to sit on. Perfect for hot afternoons to chill at the island.
 The island is designed with both storage and open display area in mind with ample seating area.

 common bathroom vanity counter top is finished in marble. 
Ledge behind counter to put more bathroom items that is higher than countertop to prevent items from getting wet.

 corridor leads to a 2 leaf door that opens to the master.
Will post photos of master and walk in wardrobe soon!

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